Notorious land grabber Detained

By Abu Bakarr Kargbo

Michael Jalloh…aided by SLPP Politicians?

The work of the Anti-Land Grabbing Unit of the Sierra Leone Police Force is currently been frustrated by some prominent politicians in the Western Area District where some notorious land grabbers have been chased by the Unit. After the police had succeeded in dealing with some older notorious land grabbers such as the so-called Man of God who has amassed wealth akin to some criminal acts, some new actors had emerged and their sole aim is to forcefully grab lands around the Tokeh and York areas. 

The name Michael Jalloh is now a household name in the Freetown- Peninsular area, not for good reasons, rather, he has created a very bad image to an extent that even police officers that were aiding his land grabbing activity are fed up with his acts. The former National Grand Coalition Party (NGC) Flag bearer Aspirant is now aided by a Senior SLPP Official, is looking for ways to save his neck from an unforeseen calamity in the hands of the state.    

Jalloh was arrested last Tuesday together with three hired thugs by the Police after landowners reported his acts of trespasses and damages on their properties. The Police at the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), told this press that Jalloh with his thugs was detained for three nights before they were charged to court last Friday. “We found out that he was part of a land-grabbing syndicate and has been using hired thugs to destroy people’s properties at Tokeh and York Villages,” the police revealed and furthered that they have received several reports from land owners and Village Authorities about Michael Jalloh’s illegal actions on their lands. 

What the police at the CID frowned at was the intervention of Madam Josephine Jackson of the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) together with her husband to secure bail for the notorious land grabber and his thugs. “We are helping the government fight against land grabbing in the country but we have some politicians disturbing our good effort,” a Senior Police Officer remarked. 

All efforts made by Politicians to secure the release of Jalloh and his thugs were meted with strong resistance by the police at CID. They were refused bail until charged to court. 

It is no longer a secret that Jalloh and his hired thugs have created lots of insecurity for the people at York Village in the Western Rural District, which has caused community authorities to call on the government's immediate intervention to save them from rampant thuggery acts inflicted on them. 

The land grabber had claimed possession of over 43 acres of land at York Village, for which the York Village Headman, Julrick Pratt said his community is under serious threat as somebody they have never known and going with the name Michael Jalloh, continues to lay claims on people's properties. The Headman noted that he is aware that the over 43 acres of land claimed by Michael Jalloh may be located in Tokeh Village and not at York. “What we are still pondering over is why Michael Jalloh is vandalizing properties in York Village where he has no business or property? ” Pratt asked.

(Investigations continue)






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